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THE Ring from THE Ruins

The seventh and final  book in The Scar Gatherer series is The Ring from the Ruins.

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ISBN: 978-0-9928443-9-4

November 1940: could German bombers put a stop to Joe's time travelling for good?

Bombs have been raining down on Liverpool when Joe Hopkins falls out of the football match he's watching. He finds himself in World War Two, in a city under siege from the skies: the planes of the Luftwaffe are on a mission to bring terror and destruction to one of England's most strategically significant ports.


Lucy and her family are bearing up through the air raids, but it's not long before she and Joe discover that not everyone around them is on the same side of this war.


As one familiar face after another reappears from Lucy's many pasts, Joe begins to fear, too, that this is the curtain call. Will an air raid put a stop to his time travels? Worse still, will the lethal force of the Luftwaffe be the end of Lucy herself?

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“Julia Edwards is an outstanding children's author! Her books have really inspired the pupils at my school and they are enthralled by the historical stories."

Amanda Brockway, Headteacher, Broad Chalke Primary School

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