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Restoration Celebs!

There aren't nearly as many obviously famous people from the Restoration period as there are from Tudor England, probably because the Tudor dynasty lasted for nearly 120 years, whilst the Restoration period was only really 28 years.

It begins in 1660, when Charles II was 'restored' to the throne, and covers his 25 year reign, plus the three years that his younger brother, James, was on the throne. Among the most familiar names from Restoration England are Samuel Pepys, who kept a diary from 1660 until 1669, Sir Christopher Wren, who is remembered for redesigning St. Paul's Cathedral after it burned down in the Great Fire, and Sir Isaac Newton, famous for devising the theory of gravity after an apple supposedly fell on his head - sadly, the bit about it hitting his head probably isn't true, but nobody (except me and Hilary Mantel!) likes to let the truth get in the way of a good story!

King Charles II

Samuel Pepys

Sir Christopher Wren

Sir Isaac Newton

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