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Famous People from ww2

There are plenty of famous people I could have picked from the Second World War, some of them rather less admirable than others, and almost nobody with an unblemished record for peace and love, this being wartime!

Of the six I've picked, two get a mention in The Ring from the Ruins - the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. The rest wouldn't have made much of an impression on children in Britain at the time, except perhaps Bomber Harris, who gets a less rosy write-up here than Lucy's brother, Peter, might have given him.


There's only one female in this collection, and she's a teenager rather than an adult: Lucy wouldn't have heard of Anne Frank because her diary wasn't published until after the war, but many of you might know that she wrote about living in hiding from the Nazis. Her father found the diary after she died and published it, making her one of the most famous young people in history.

Winston Churchill

Bomber Harris

Adolf Hitler

Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Stalin

Anne Frank

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