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FamoUS Tudors

There are such a lot of famous Tudors that it was hard to choose just a few for these pages. The characters in The Falconer's Quarry talk about several real people from Tudor times: King Henry VIII and his various wives; William Paulet, Joe's supposed employer, as well as the employers of Lucy's brothers and sister; and the magician, John Dee. Most of those are not as well-known today as they were in their own time. But Henry VIII is clearly a Top Tudor, so you'll find a little bit about him here.  


Since I'm including Henry VIII, I couldn't leave out his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, another Top Tudor, who reigned for even longer than her father. To go with each of them, I've picked out just two of their most famous courtiers, Sir Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell from Henry's reign, and Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh from Elizabeth's time.

King Henry VIII

Queen Elizabeth I

Sir Thomas More

Sir Francis Drake

Thomas Cromwell

Sir Walter Raleigh

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